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 Big - Lazy Days -Livin' In Paradise

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Date d'inscription : 20/05/2006

MessageSujet: Big - Lazy Days -Livin' In Paradise   Mer 24 Mai 2006 - 19:24

Voilà les paroles du thème de Big

Hey !
Oh... yeah !
Oh, oh...
Whoo !

Couplet 1
Oh, it's a windy and sunny day
And I can hear the faint sound of distant waves
The past weeks have been goin' by so fast
It's all the same, the bright sky and shinin' sun
I have a feelin' it's gonna be a fun day

Oh, it's a windy and sunny day
The many summers and many great games
Guess it's another trouble-free day
Our playground's so huge we don't know where it ends
Feels energetic and groovy
Everything's cool, it's excellent

Pre-Refrain 1
Everyday's a new beginning, yeah
We don't know who we're gonna meet today
The more I want the less that I can get
Keep workin' for a new tomorrow
But I guess that I'm so happy now
Gonna set my heart free
Now I've got nothing to worry me, come on
Let's just get up, go, go, go, go !

Hey, big guy ! Hey, little guy !
Can you tell me who came first ?
Sorry, but I don't know
We are simply natural
OK, all you have to do is sit up, look left, right, up, and down

Hey, big guy ! Hey, little guy !
Can you tell me what's inside ?
Sorry, but I don't know
We are simply natural
We present you with a gift, welcome to our paradise

Hey !
Hey !
Come on !


Oh, yeah !


Whoo !

Pre-Refrain 2
What'd you think about the incident ?
You always take me for granted
I am askin' you as a first step
You answer first, 'cause I asked you first
You and I are friends for all of time
Tell me how you feel
But you know I can't resist that smiley face
Happy, happy ! Muy amable !


Where it all comes down to just one little thing : love

Whoo... whoo !

Sonic and the Black Angel ~
Chapitre IX : Hikari ou Oni
- Chapitre X : La créature aux ailes d'argent (en cours)
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Big - Lazy Days -Livin' In Paradise
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